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Dental Makeover Becomes Easier with All On 4 Dental Implants

Dentistry keeps advancing, the latest and the most popular dental makeover we here of is all on 4 dental implants, a technique effective to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Why the name all on 4? It is because only 4 dental implants are used to support the denture, two implants are fitted on the front and two others at the back. A bridge is then attached to the implants to lock them in place. Its popularity is due to the fact that even those who lack a bone there can have immediate teeth through this technique.

Since all on 4 dental implants also use the bridges, you might think what is the difference between the two? Though the process is similar, there is a difference between them and that is of the healing period and the amount of comfort they bring to patients. In standard practice, 6 implants are placed at 90 degrees into the jaw to support the full arch, and it takes another 6 months before the bridge can be fitted. Patients with less bone in the area, need to undergo bone grafting for this type of dental makeover. Besides the amount of time it takes, it is also more expensive as compared to all on 4 dental implants.

If you are planning to get immediate teeth using all on 4 dental implants, then you would be a little doubtful about its credibility and history. Developed in 1990, the technique is today more than 2 decades old and has benefitted millions of people around the world, giving them teeth which look real, are more comfortable and can be fitted in just one day. Patients have been happy to opt for it as it is also friendly on their pockets. Only thing to remember here is that additional skills and technology are required to perform it, and so all are not skilled to do it successfully.

However before all on 4 dental implants can be performed on you, it is important to assess the condition of your mouth, to know if it will support the treatment or not. This is done through a series of tests like CT scan, X-rays and measurement of bone density and impressions. Your dental makeover will be planned based on these tests. Often you will notice that dentists use special software and dedicated treatment planning system, to help them with the process. Once you are through to the diagnostics, extraction and placement of all on 4 dental implants is done, then abutment and teeth are attached and lastly a follow up and second set of permanent teeth takes place.


All on 4 in Australia – A Comprehensive Solution for Edentulous One

In recent decades, the most significant innovation done in dental science is all on 4 dental implants. If you have lost your teeth due to chronic oral condition, no need to worry as now with all on 4 in Australia, a brand new set of non-removable functional teeth is available in just a single day. This technique offers a second chance to the edentulous and near-edentulous patients having a confident and beautiful smile.

All on 4 dental implants is a surgical procedure that includes the complete oral rehabilitation of patients who have lost their teeth due to dental decay or gum disease. The procedure involves permanent attachment of four teeth implants in a jaw affixing a rigid prosthetic dental bridge to the ‘collars’ or ‘abutments’.

All on four, as the name suggests, the technique only needs four teeth implants to be placed per jaw that can be done with just a single surgery. A patient who wants to perform all on 4 dental implants has to arrive at the dental clinic or Implant Centre in the morning, go through a simple surgery for total oral rehabilitation and get a new set of teeth in just few hours. With all on 4 in Australia, toothless patients are able to achieve a full set of non-removable and immediately functional teeth. All on four bridges are made up of high quality durable materials to last for years and years without having any replacement or restoration. All on 4 implants offer unrivalled benefits to the patients along with supporting the natural bite functionality.

New All-on-4 Dental Implants to Help Enhance Your Smile

The latest in the dentistry field, All-on-4 dental implants offer the most permanent and durable solution to person suffering from the tooth loss. In all on four, all missing or failing teeth of patient are replaced with only 4 prosthetic implants and a fixed and entirely modified prosthetic dental bridge. All on Four in Australia can be especially convenient for people who are looking for metropolitan cities to carry out their dental makeover needs.

In All-on-4 dental implants, a fully modified prosthetic dental bridge is permanently attached to the abutments or ‘collars’ of 4 implants per jaw. These are carried out at an exact location as well as at very exact angle in the mouth so one can get maximum support for the bridge without having the surgery of bone grafting. This additional surgical procedure is often needed for patients who have lived without dentures and/or teeth for many years.

The process of the All on Four in Australia is divided in several parts. The surgical procedure can be successfully completed in one day for eligible candidates. However, the patient requires as few as two appointments for the whole process.

  • Consultation – In initial visit, dentist addresses the specific needs of a patient and prescribes a solution.
  • 3D CAT Scanning and Cone Beam Scanner – It is carried out for complete dental CT scanning.
  • Impressions – For the implanting procedure, it is necessary to create proper moulds. This helps to make the right teeth for the patient.
  • Instruction – Consultants provide feedback and information for every patient, in order to create certain proper care.
  • Surgery – The implants are positioned properly and new teeth are attached to the dental implants.

All on Four in Australia, a dental restoration procedure lets patients to obtain a full fixed bridge in a single day. It provides the most permanent and durable solution for patients who have compromised teeth, dentures or dental bridges. Complete arch reconstructions can also be carried out with this surgical procedure in just one day.

There are many people who are suffering from severe bone loss. Such people can also get benefit from this procedure. The dense bone positioned on the front part of the jaw is used in this process. One of the greatest advantages of All-on-4 dental implants over traditional dental implant protocols is its ability to almost avoid the need for bone grafting surgery. This is because; it lets experienced and professional oral surgeons to give a new set of teeth to patients in just one day, with only one surgery, and considerably decreases the oral rehabilitation cost by an average amount of $25,000!

What You Need To Know About All on Four Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered as the best teeth replacement option. Usually implants are made out of titanium and other materials compatible with the human body and are surgically placed either in the upper or lower jaw functioning as anchors for replaced teeth. These days, all on 4 dental plants is gaining quite a lot of popularity. It is a process using four implants supporting the upper and the lower jaw, so that the implants look natural.  

It is not because of the natural looking implants, that all on four has gained immense popularity but because of the quickness of the surgery. This process reduces the time taken by traditional teeth replacement surgery. Moreover, it is less painful and offers a comprehensive oral rehabilitation solution to those who suffer from tooth loss or fear at a future of edentulism.

The ultimate aim of all on four treatment is to successfully fit 4 specially engineered implants in upper and lower platter. This will give the jaw a new set of alternative teeth that can be connected to the platters. This cosmetic dental work therapy and oral rehabilitation has been presented to enable people to achieve a wonderful new smile.

There are quite some advantages of all on four dental implants.

  1. It is known as a grin in a day process. All on 4 is completely supported by teeth replacement because there is no swelling, irritation or sensitivity to the gums caused after getting implants done.
  2. All on 4 dental implants in Australia is anchored to the lower and upper platter which gives a natural look and does not require extra care. You just need to brush your teeth regularly. just like natural teeth.
  3. Unlike the other traditional implants, all on 4 does not require you to remove them during the night or after meals for cleaning.
  4. to several reading materials on the therapy and process of all on four treatments, in case you wish to know more about it. These implants give good support and strength to the jaw enhancing eating and speech.

Due to the advancement in dental treatments and techniques, all on four has become the easiest method for teeth replacement. Moreover, there are no side effects to it like less cut, bone grafting and so on.

Even though the treatment seems simple and easy, it is highly advisable that you get implants done from a dental implantologist, who is an expert in the field with years of experience. You can get access

All on 4 Dental Implants – Solution for Missing Teeth

There are number of treatments such as all on 4 dental implants, all on four in Melbourne at Australia available to deal with number of dental issues. Among these treatments, all on 4 dental implants treatment offer permanent solution for missing teeth. It offers a comprehensive oral rehabilitation for sufferers from tooth loss.

Consult and diagnose

The patient’s suitability for this treatment should be first evaluated by the dentist. It involves X-ray, CT scan and creating impressions. In certain cases, the patient may have to remove existing teeth removed so that four titanium implants can fit in the place properly. However, in certain case bone grafting may be required, which can require additional appointment.

Following are some of the benefits offered by the procedure of all on 4 in dental implants:-

  • The treatment of all on four of Australia is affordable and less painful as well. It offers better aesthetic appearance to the person, when compared with traditional techniques of implant treatment or smile makeover.
  • It avoids the need for the surgery of bone grafting. It further enables sufferer to get the solution for their oral problem on the same day.
  • This treatment requires only single surgery for teeth implant, whereas traditional techniques often require multiple surgeries for bone grafting surgery and greater number of teeth implants.
  • The success rate of this treatment is very high, when compared to traditional alternatives of dental implants.
  • This treatment is easy and safe and is performed by professional dental practitioner.
  • After this treatment, patients can have light meal and good night’s rest after the treatment.

For those, who are suffering from the problem of missing teeth can opt for dentures or all on 4 dental implants of Melbourne and get rid of their problem.


The main purpose of dental implants method is to fill missing teeth. With this treatment, dental surgeon provides you with all on four stable implants, which will give a natural look to your teeth.

Minimal recovery time

This treatment takes minimum time to recover. After you have undergone the procedure, you can enjoy your meals and can chew food well without experiencing unnecessary pain.

Long-lasting benefits

After dental implants procedure, the sufferer may not have to worry about any problem about their teeth or gums. You can easily maintain them and will not experience any kind of stress from the pain.

Also, this procedure saves you much time, money and energy going back and forth to clinic. You can conduct an extensive research online about benefits and importance of smile makeover and implants treatment.

All on 4 Dental Implants – Teeth replacement in Australia

All on 4 dental implants is basically a process, which uses four implants to provide support to the entire upper or lower denture. In this process, a fixed denture is placed using all on four implants. The way these dental implants in Melbourne are carried out eliminates the healing time that usually applies to other dental implants.

The all on 4 dental implants treatment is also better known as smile in a day process. It allows the extraction of decayed teeth and placement of tooth implants. It offers a perfect and reliable solution for sufferers, who are facing problem of missing one or more teeth or are facing from trouble of decayed, fractured or loose teeth.

With the use of advanced dental care methods and techniques, these dental implants treatment can easily be carried out. There would be no side effects such as less incision, bone grafting and healing time for placing of tooth implant.

Below are some of the noteworthy benefits of all on four dental implants:-

  • Requires minimum recovery time
  • Long term results guaranteed
  • Offers aesthetic appearance with long lasting potential
  • Sufferer can eat all kinds of food
  • Overall cost of treatment gets reduced
  • Boosts confidence level
  • Easy to maintain with proper oral hygiene

Benefits of all on 4 dental implants over traditional method of dental implants of Melbourne are as follows:-

The traditional treatment of teeth implants procedure usually starts with extracting decayed teeth followed by recovery time of about 4 months. The patient, who undergoes this treatment, has to wear artificial teeth during this period of 4 months and one and a half year. During this time their cases becomes fully prepared for the treatment.

The main concept behind this process is to fit four specially designed teeth implants in each row. This will allow a new set of replacement teeth, which can be then firmly attached to them. This cosmetic dentistry treatment has been introduced so as to enable people to achieve that beautiful new smile.

There is 6 times more complication in traditional method as implants placed into sinuses fail to deliver in most of the cases. On the contrary, treatment of all on four in Australia placed in the premaxilla area is more comfortable, secured and affordable, when compared with traditional treatment.

To get maximum results, dental implants in Melbourne should be undertaken by an expert dental implantologist, who has years of experience. To know more about the treatment and procedure of all on four in Melbourne at Australia, you can read several related websites and collect useful information on it.

Teeth Replacement – A Better Dental Implant Option

Recent progress in medical and dental technology has led to the expansion of different clinical practices. With such improvements, dental implants are becoming the most standard way for oral care treatments. Dental makeover is the best choice of treatment to get back the missing tooth with teeth replacement procedure.

The concept of all on four dental implants is completely an effective treatment that provides absolute dental rehabilitation with teeth replacement process. This treatment is highly focused on the dental issues of patients which include proper care along with favourable and immediate results. Moreover, there are many dental clinics that offer a high standard of dentistry care by making use of advanced techniques. There are dental clinics that offer dental implants treatments at all on 4 in Australia to the patients.

Dental makeover procedure includes various treatments like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, etc. And with dental implant treatment, one can definitely get confident smile. Such dental treatment offers good look and boost-up the inner confidence of an individual to make him/her feel strong & face the world. Dentists completely focus on offering their patients with the best dental care and dental aesthetics of teeth.

Moreover, dental implants, replacements of missing teeth, etc. are some of the significant improvements done in the dentistry field. The implanted teeth can be cleaned and maintained just like an ordinary tooth. Replacement of teethwith dental implant treatment offers you a beautiful smile…!

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